As a creative agency specialising in podcast production and apps, PML Studio has a track record of producing high quality content. We’ve seen our work endorsed by the likes of Apple and in May/June 2019 the first series of our narrative tennis podcast dropshot was ranked the No.1 tennis podcast on Apple Podcasts.

Our services include full production of audio projects, from concept to delivery. We also offer script advice, production assistance, access to talent and much more.

With a combined experience of over 50 years, our team comes with a wealth of knowledge and contacts across sport, music, film and entertainment.

As much as we invest in our own content, PML Studio is on hand to help our clients innovate and reach new markets through a modern content strategy.


Our podcasts are of the highest quality and range in genre. We launched our tennis podcast dropshot in April 2019 to considerable success, followed by productions focused on music, the LGBTQ community, American football, technology and football.

Our podcasts are narrative drive, breaking the mould of round table discussions and lazy production. Through partnerships with leading podcast platforms, we offer significant reach to a wide audience.

PML Studio’s productions are available on all major podcast platforms, including Apple, Spotify and Google Podcasts.



PML Studio’s roots in traditional forms of media means we’re well placed to spot new opportunities for producing content and delivering on platforms relevant to a modern market. Our apps are another strong feature of this, producing powerful products tailored to the needs of our clients. These allow for strong data analysis and engagement with end users to better manage and refine content strategies based on current trends.

PML Studio’s flagship app is dropshot, available from Google Play and the App Store.



Our talented design studio is experienced in producing social content from GIFs to graphics and motion. With a team dedicated to producing social content, we’re equipped to respond to trends across multiple platforms, creating rich media to generate shares, likes and interactions.

We also work with talented illustrators, animators and video producers.



We understand the importance of a strong brand and how it can build trust with consumers. PML Studio’s creative team has worked with some of the leading NGBs in the UK and Europe for a number of years, updating and modifying brands to keep them strong and relevant.

Branding for all our projects is also done in-house with a brief for class, elegance and style – all essential to the PML Studio’s voice.

Our branding services include Brand Identity Brief, Competitor & Market Research, Brand Concepts, The Logo, Visual Assets and Design Presentation.



Whether it’s for TV ad campaigns, YouTube or across social media, video content is more valuable than ever, driven by smartphone technology that has changed how users consume their content.

Our video team is experienced in creating dynamic content for leading brands in the UK and the US, with work displayed online and prime locations such as Times Square in New York City.